About Cast Stone

Cast Stone has been a manufacturer and supplier of simulated stone products for over 15 years – and operates in the Gauteng province of South Africa. We have positioned ourselves as a quality product supplier at competitive pricing and with an attitude of service excellence. We have increased our range to include cobble, flagstone, natural looking rock stepping stones, pots, water features and wall cladding. We continue to update our products and improve quality.

Colour and size variations

Cast Stone offers our clients a range of available colours but are also flexible enough to try to match a colour supplied by the client. Natural aggregates mean that there can be slight colour variations in batches – but this does reflect the variations found in nature.

Sizes and thickness can also vary slightly due to the manufacturing process. Simulated stone products are made by hand and in flexible moulds causing these differences. These variations can normally be corrected on site by an experienced installer.

Installation guideline

As a rule cobble paving is installed on river sand subbase with a wet plaster and cement grouting finish. Flagstone should be installed on a wet river sand and cement base with a 10mm open joint finish which is filled with plaster sand and cement grouting. There are likely to be variations in quantities due to cutting and layout differences. It is always advisable to make provision for this – but due to the fact that it is a manufactured product, one can always get additional pavers.

Product should always be protected from rain before installation to avoid marking and discolouring. Products should be transported and handled with care to avoid chipping of corners and damages to the face of the product.

Simulated stone products will weather and change in time – and colours will fade with exposure to the sun. The effect can be lessened by applying a sealant to the product – which will also help with staining and colour retention. (Please see note on sealing and efflorescence below).In the case of salt chlorinated pools sealing is especially important due to the corrosive quality of salt chlorinated water.

Efflorescence is a natural occurring phenomenon – and special care should be taken not to seal products for at least 6 weeks after installation or until there are no more signs of efflorescence.

As with most things in life – regular maintenance and care of the product will extend the life span of the product.